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Current List of Gas_Pipelines Transmission

El Kala Algeria - Cagliari Sardinia (GALSI Gas Pipeline)
Brunswick (The Brunswick Gas Pipeline Canada)
Taba-Aqaba (Arab Gas Pipeline)
Al Arish-Taba (Arab Gas Pipeline)
Gadimoga-Bhadbhut Trunk (Reliance East-West Gas Pipeline India)
Hazira-Jhabua (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
Bhadbhat-Ankot Spur (Reliance East-West Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Dahej-Uran-Panvel Trunk (Dahej-Uran-Panvel Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Dahej-Ankot-Jhabua-Vijaipur (Dahej-Vijaipur Gas Pipeline India)
Vijaipur-Auriya (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
Jhabua-Vijaipur (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Vijaipur-Dadri (HBJ Loop Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Dhabol-Panvel Trunk (Dahej-Uran-Panvel-Dhabol Gas Pipeline)
GAIL Thal-USAR (Thal-USAR Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Uran-Thal (Uran-Thal Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Thal-Salve (Thal-Salve Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL USAR-Thar (USAR-Thal Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Thal-IPCL Nagothane (Thal-IPCL Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Thal-IIL (Thal-IIL Gas Pipeline India)
Panvel-MSEB-Uran Spur (GAIL Dahej-Uran-Panvel-Dhabol Gas Pipeline)
Hazimalangwadi-RCF Trombay (GAIL Dahej-Uran-Panvel-Dhabol Gas Pipeline)
Kargaon-Pune Spur (GAIL Dahej-Uran-Panvel-Dhabol Gas Pipeline)
Vijaipur-Anta-Gadepan Spur (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Dandewala-Gamnewala (Dandewala-Gamnewala-Ramgarh Gas Pipeline India)
GAIL Gamnewala-RSEB Ramgarh (Dandewala-Gamnewala-Ramgarh Gas Pipeline India)
Auriya-Jagdishpur-Phoolpur spur (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
Auriya-Aonla-Dadri-Delhi (GAIL HBJ Gas Pipeline India)
Aqaba-Al Rehab (Arab Gas Pipeline)
Mellitah-Gela (Greenstream Gas Pipeline Libya)
Wafa-Mellitah (Western Libya Gas Pipeline)
Beni Saf-Almeria (Beni Saf-Almeria Gas Pipeline Spain)
Rang Dong-Bach Ho-Ding Co (Cuu Long Gas Pipeline Vietnam)
Long Tay-Ding Co (Nam Con Son Gas Pipeline Vietnam)
Bunga Raya B-Ca Mau (PM3-Ca Mau Gas Pipeline Vietnam)